The Pine Hollows set to release his forthcoming album, “Something My Heart Understands”

Gianni Napolitano has an affirmation for the past, it seems. And while he might be but a fresh faced NYU student, his musical project, The Pine Hollows pays homage to the musical idols of an era decades before his time. Imagine hearing The Beatles and Buddy Holly, only if they were to be played through the scuzz of a Rolling Stone’s amp.

The Pine Hollows, a collective of rotating musicians lead by Napolitano, is taking full force as their second full length album is set to be released. “Something My Heart Understands,” is a resoundingly diverse assortment of danceable pop, meditative ballads and other wordly noise experiments. The forthcoming LP is Napolitano’s second album, one which breathes life and a refreshingly tender new era over indie pop, whilst maintaining a profound reverence to the hit-makers that came before him.

A student of Musicology at NYU, Napolitano is no stranger to learning from the greats, his songwriting boasting raw talent and a profound understanding of the history of music. Always eager for a different kind of lesson, Napolitano has already shared the stage with the likes of Ace Frehley (KISS), Steven Adler (Guns N Roses), Mike Starr (Alice in Chains) and The Butthole Surfers.

Napolitano’s influences are clear on “Something My Heart Understands.” “The flashback vocals are put in a present-day context by melodies that you’ll find yourself singing along to before you even know the lyrics,” says Artistdirect about Gianni’s Lennon-esque vocal styling’s. The singer muses that pursuing the path of his idols “seemed like the ultimate freedom.”

The first single off the album, How Can You Tell Her, is an obvious culmination of the musician’s dream. While Napolitano often draws influence from past relationships, the track instead is an expression of yearning and the things to come. “It’s maybe less about someone in particular, but more about what I hope and dream for,” he explains. The track oozes with brightness and a steady dance beat set by relentless drums, both of which quickly prove hard to ignore. Just try not to tap your feet.

Something My Heart Understands,” is as infectious as it is hopeful, and even the darker moments on the record bleed with energy. Napolitano describes track, I Can’t Make Her Smile, as “the most angry song on the record. “It’s about being treated like shit by the girl you love the most, and being able to say, “forget her!”

The Pine Hollows’ sophomore album, “Something My Heart Understands” is set for release this forthcoming February 26, 2013 via BMI. All press and media inquiries, please contact Gianni at giannipacimusic@gmail.com.